Monday, 24 June 2013

Let's Talk Arsenal

So I’ve had a long break from blogging – and a combination of factors have lead to this. Uni work initially got in the way but after the season finished nothing interesting has really happened. Of course we have been linked with numerous players over the course of the silly season but the only confirmed signing so far has been a player that fans of Football Manager will have had a quiet smile about – the young Yaya Sanogo. Obviously not the marquee signing we were craving but with his recent goalscoring record he is definitely one to look for.

Moving onto more recent days – it looks like we are very close to signing Gonzalo Higuain. I previously wrote an article about how I do not think a striker is required at Arsenal, however make no mistake about this Higuain will definitely bring a lot to the team. His goalscoring record speaks volumes for his ability to get into the right positions and the quality of his finishing. I do, however feel this acquisition will, unfortunately, cause a few of our younger players to struggle for first team opportunities. Coming from the Spanish league I can imagine Higuain adapting very quickly to the Premier League; thus he is a signing that our fans have been craving for some time – a top quality striker with a proven record in the top leagues.

In other news Tony Adams has declared that he should have been made chairman of Arsenal. Really? Adams? If Adams has shown anything over the past few years it is that he knows very little about top level management. The fact of the matter is that he appears to reek of desperation and sadly unprofessionalism due to his recent outburst to the press.  He may garner some support amongst the more discontented fans but there is sadly a lack of real substance behind what his assertions. As I write this, I grow more and more flabbergasted at Adams’ criticism. How could the man seriously consider himself a candidate for a position which would (theoretically) place him above Wenger? Due to his services to the club Adams had earned the right to be a club ambassador, but unfortunately I can’t see a role like that possible for him anymore. But hey, maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill.