Monday, 11 March 2013

Spurs Lose, Bayern Loom and Get Off The Bould Brigade!

In a great weekend, for Arsenal, Spurs dropped 3 points in their bid for Champions league qualification. This leaves them 7 points away from us and we have a game in hand. Assuming we are able to earn the  points from the game, that leaves us 4 points adrift of Tottenham and 5 off Chelsea - assuming they also pick up the points from their game in hand. With Chelsea and Tottenham still to play we have an assured drop of at least 2 points from one of these teams - and with a tough fixture list it looks like we could well overtake Spurs in the coming weeks. Things are really beginning to look up at the Grove.

As Wednesday approaches, Arsenal fans are growing both hopeful and apprehensive. On the one hand you can never write Arsenal off - nobody could have predicted the comeback we would attempt against AC Milan after being so empathetically defeated at the San Siro. Players keep coming out and saying that we have the quality to do this - and if we show up maybe, just maybe, we can . On the flip side what are they supposed to say, this truly is mission impossible, a backs to the wall job of trying to overcome a huge deficit against arguably the best team in Europe.
Anyway, my personal way of looking at the match is that we have nothing to lose so we might as well get behind our team and hope they give it their best shot. At the end of the day there is no shame in going out to Bayern. 

For weeks now there has been reports of tension between Steve Bould and Arséne Wenger. As people grow irritated with our defending some reports seem to be suggesting that our defensive frailties are as a result of Wenger -growing jealous of the praise he was receiving at the start of the season -stopping Bould from training the squad. As news of Bould's tension with Wenger surfaced, Bould has quickly become a hero to the 'Arséne Out' brigade. Now obviously I - like most fans commenting on the club - do not know what happens behind closed doors at the club, but not for one second do I believe that Wenger would prevent the progression of the club as a result of jealousy. So to you AOB's I pose you the questions -  How much do you guys actually know about Bould's work? Why does his inability to work with his manager endear him to you? 
I know it's pretty clear that I lean towards the AKB brigade; but I am not trying to take away from Bould's work. I simply ask why are Gooners saying that the unproven Bould is great and the proven Wenger is stifling him?

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