Monday, 4 March 2013

Why it is important to not get on Wenger and the players' backs for the rest of the season

With the defeat to Spurs on Sunday our club faces an uphill struggle to achieve 4th place. Overcoming our 3-1 home result at home to Bayern will be an extremely difficult task as well, so in general this, so called, ‘season of transition’ has been a failure. During this difficult time for the club,people will be quick to question and criticise Wenger. While it is necessary to question the performance of the manager; I fear that the criticism may lead to disappointed booing and signs of ‘Wenger Out’. Though I am not one of those fans that believe Wenger should leave, I can understand why some people feel there is a need for change. However, to those people I say not today!

The fact of the matter is Wenger has clearly covered for the board’s inadequacies over the past few years and, as such, is basically un-sackable. I understand the frustration, but putting up banners and criticising his decisions will not achieve anything. So long as Wenger chooses to be here, he will be in the job. The criticism may be great for letting off steam, but - given that it won’t force the desired change – it is likely to be counter-productive  Seeing Wenger out banners and hearing booing would be disheartening for a squad, who already seem to lack the confidence to consistently play at their best. Wenger appears to be a father-figure for a lot of our players, so the criticism simply adds to their weight of expectation.

Finally, our squad has just lost games to Man City, Chelsea, Bayern and Spurs in recent weeks - they are a squad who are going to be lacking for confidence. Some sectors may not support the management or the board, but I think we can all agree that the important thing for the club is to get to our best possible position this year, so we should rally around and support the team. Let’s get behind the players and leave the criticism for a time when it might actually achieve something.


  1. are you f*cking kidding us i believe that wenger must be out so we can find solutions for the team!!! everyone is frustrated and the best joke u said is that we lost only for man city, chelsea, bayern, tottenham, loool who the hell we can win?? qpr? aston villa? or maybe westham?? wake up please and forget about this stubborn wenger. Gunners for life

  2. I think you are missing my point. Even if you think wenger should go, it is pointless to start pushing for him to go right now as the board wouldn't sack him, and it would only have a negative effect. Finally when I say we have just lost to those teams I mean that those results have just happened, not that we have only been defeated by these teams.